Monday, May 16, 2011

Did she run or party?

This mom2partynrun has either run off or did too many parties right? I wish.  Its Monday and everyone returns to diets, workouts, get the idea on Mondays so why not return to my blog?  From the looks of things I never gave the update on the Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon that I completed in January.  I was under trained and really not prepared but went in with that truth in my head. I did pretty well, came out a little sore and decided the next thing to do would be a Triple Crown.  Are you laughing with me?  After completing Carlsbad you can then follow up with two more 1/2 Marathons in San Diego to complete the Triple Crown.  So since I went in so prepared  to Carlsbad why not punish myself and sign up for the La Jolla 1/2 Marathon in April.  I have time (:-/) Lots of time to get back in the game and get prepared for this run right?

Well I completed La Jolla about a month ago with my slowest time yet. What a reality check. I guess you should know I'm not fast, I am not a fan of hills, and I wing training plans because I dont know what I am doing!!! This run had a strict 3 hour time limit for completion and a dreaded spot by many.."the hill". Okay Im going to be the only honest one that has run that 1/2 to tell you that there is no such thing as "the hill" unless you mean the entire 13.1 miles as "the hill"!  It honestly kicked my butt (although I think it has to be a little cuter after that) with one hill after another at what felt like every turn.  I have the Medal and I swear they tore the fencing down and cleaned the Finsh Line area up at the same time I came in.  I guess I was super close to that 3 hours!

About a week prior to La Jolla I told myself that I can't complete two of three runs and change my mind on being a Triple Crown Finisher.  So I registered for the third in the series America's Finest City  1/2 Marathon.  After completing La Jolla I came home and immediatley contacted a running friend that has comepleted the LA Marathon 9 or 10 times and does other runs here and there for her support.  She rescued me with an acutal Training Program! Not only that but some good pointers on fueling myself.  I think I fail at that more than the miles I should put in. I have been following it for three weeks now and so far am happy with myself and begining to enjoy running again rather than dread it.  My "official trainging" begins in just one more week and I am so excited to see an improvement in time or at the very least feel better after finishing.
So I guess all this means I am officially Triple Crown Bound!  I hope to continue to document this last leg of the adventure not just for the pure comedy of it all but to at least see how far I've come.  Wish me luck!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Flash of Inspiration and Panic

December 27th!
Its a Monday after the Holidays and don't we all feel this "flash of inspirtation" to get back into the reality which is our daily lives outside the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Or is it Panic? Today I found myself looking at the Calendar to only find  27 days to my next Half Marathon in Carlsbad.  I have seen it looming in front of me for weeks yet that four weeks previously mentioned seem to consume my time and before I know it we are approaching the New Year.  Well I think this mom had too many parties and not enough running that sent me into a tailspin of how do I continue on, recover from the lost time, and still complete my third Half Marathon in less than a year.  Panic!!! I did! I am!
Okay so I am working on seeing it from the other side.  Look at what I just typed... Three Half Marathons in less than a year...Who is this person I have become? I missed it when I wasn't running but I also fell into a rut of just not getting out there. So much fun with Friends and Family this Holiday Season that made the warm bed or the roaring fire of my (gas) Fireplace just too cozy to put on my shoes.  Well Santa bought me new shoes! I think I have gathered enough warm gear and successfully held any colds off for the time being so I hit the streets this week!
Only 2 miles the first day. Lets not get crazy because I think I have learned if I take a few days (or weeks) off and set out for 4 or more miles I loose the battle everytime. Well that 2 miles was no fun. Hard work. No where near what I would call a successful run for myself BUT I did it.  I finally went and after all the work I have done in the last year I also know you have to get the first "bad run" over before you can have a "good run". Guess I can check that one of the list. 
Today I did a little over 3 miles.  Still needing to encourage myself along the way, but a much better run than the few days prior.  Maybe a "bad run"  and an "okay run" will lead a good run! Baby steps my friends!
I'd like to say the "flash of inspiration" is turning into a vision. Visions of determination.  We all work hard for so many things all year. Mine happens to be running.  Running for Strength, Accomplishment, Weight Loss (Of Course!), A little alone time, and some Confidence. I hope I learn to enjoy the time off, maybe not take soooo much time off,  look back at the fun and get back on the road. 
To all my fellow running moms and friends I hope the New Year brings more miles to your feet, more accomplishments to your on-going lists, and of course more space to keep us sane in the brain!

Image from! My Favorite Shoe right now! I just love them!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A short break brings a little focus.

So for months I would sit down to write and had nothing.  Well I have had some things but I can't seem to get it together.  I took a little time to re-focus, tried to make the site more attractive and even regisitered for yet another Half Marathon.  I hope in the next few days I am back at it.  Filling you in on the glories of Motherhood, finding time to train for not one more but now two more runs and of course a few reasons to party! I missed doing this so I hope your surprised to see me again and keep checking in for some new posts! Thank you!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Commence Planning!

I am so excited to be planning another fun day this summer! In just a few short weeks school begins again and the kids deserve an awesome send off.  I have fun inexpensive ideas in the works for a great "Back to School" themed Moms Club event.  I can't wait to share all the fun with you!.  I have visions of Apples, Chalkboards, #2 pencils, and Composition Books dancing in my head and can't wait to put it all together.  Stay tuned for details and pictures!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Scream For Ice Cream!

I may or may not have mentioned I have a slight addiction to magazines.  All kinds of magazines for home, kids, cooking, trashy, you name it I will thumb through it.  I think it's all the pictures that grab my attention!  I am trying to be better and read some of them online so I don't give my husband a heart attack at the mailbox and also to be better at my random issue with I wish that was more consistant.  I came across a fun thing to incorporate here and that is National Ice Cream Day!!  Well really it's the whole month of July.  Apparently President Ronald Regan set this off in 1984 and designated the third Sunday of July Ice Cream Day! Who doesn't love Ice Cream and especially in July!
I found a great recipe at one of my favorite magazine sites and thought I would share it with all of you! So gather your friends, family, and neighbors around and enjoy a little Ice Cream this Sunday. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

If I had a thought bubble over my head...

If we all had visible thought bubbles over our heads this is what you would see on mine.  I chose one with a heart to coax myself back into the love part of what I am doing.  I think it's working?  In 5 months I set out for my second Half Marathon and I chose the lovely city of  San Diego, Ca. again.  Can't beat a run in a great city like San Diego.  Besides this time it is truely on the beach! .
On June 6th I ran my first ever Half Marathon in memory of my Father and with a little inspiration of a couple friends currently fighting Cancer or living in remission. I am sure the fear of return lingers in a thought bubble above his head .  My motivation was easy to set out every day and trek along for what I wanted to be a great run.  I barely ran a mile when I registered for the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.  Soon enough I was at 4 miles then for the last 6 weeks or so made it to 9 miles, then made it through 13.1 for the first time on race day (barely).  Sure with thoughts of these three men on my mind the entire time and one great friend (who actually runs) pushing me along the whole way how could I not make it through the finish line?  It was for sure a roller coaster of emotions and the memories will forever be with me. 
My challenge now is this time the run is for me. Is that selfish? Can I finish again?  I am doing this one alone and that allows for some mental alone time. Seems like a great thing. Cheaper than therapy, yet I get in my head and stop. I miss running. Really I do, but right now I just can't get out to train consistantly. I have enjoyed all the yummy goodness I wouldnt allow my self to eat until I was done for almost a whole month now! Well my tummy is disapearing and I can't seem to find my groove. Four runs in one month won't get me far, but the grocery run this week will...Back on Track is the new focus and I hope my feet follow along.  If  I can do this for 3 men, then I have to do this for 1 woman...ME!! right? So as I stumble at the start of this new journey remind me that I will finsh in strides and hopefully taught myself a few things in that "alone" time along the way. 
13.1 logo from

Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Oldie But A Goddie

In April of this year my husband Brett and his twin brother turned 40!!! My Sister-n-law and I pulled of a Surprise we had planned for months ahead of time.
 These are photo's from the more "adult" take on a Luau.  We wanted something a little more swanky than Tiki Men and Lei's (especially since that is our usual swim party) and I think we pulled it off.  We also added photo's of them through out the years all over the party that ended up being great conversation starters!  Our menu was Hawaiian pulled pork, Teryaki  Chicken, Rice, Spring Rolls and Cake of course! I was happy with the vision coming to life with ALOT of help from a few awesome friends!!